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At SBI, we strive to help you own your dream home! If you are buying your first property or refinancing an existing one, you will find our mortgage plans easy to understand and flexible to suit your needs. We offer attractive home loan packages for HDB as well as private properties.

How we can help:
3 simple steps to owning your dream home

Let us know your needs and our relationship managers will help you own your dream home in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Assess your financial requirements
Step 2 - Recommend the appropriate mortgage plan
Step 3 - Submit loan application for approval


To find out more, email us at

Personal Home Loans Tabbed Content

  • Option of floating rates – linked directly to the Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA); or fixed rates – providing stability against market fluctuations
  • Competitive & Attractive pricing
  • Applicable for both private and HDB properties
  • Lock-in period based on Promotion / Scheme
  • Promotional packages available for new purchases and refinancing
  • Subsidies for legal fees, valuation and fire insurance! (available for refinancing/equity loans only)

Terms and conditions apply.

  • Borrowers must be between the age of 21 – 65yrs
  • Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Foreigners may apply
  • Minimum income (single/joint) per application is $30,000 per annum for Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents; $50,000 per annum for foreigners
  • Minimum loan amount of S$250,000
  • Minimum property value of S$500,000 for foreigners

1.1) Floating Rate : No lock-in floating package :

Year 3M Compounded SORA Package (% p.a.)
1 3M Comp SORA + 1.00%
2 3M Comp SORA + 1.00%
3 onwards 3M Comp SORA + 1.00%

1.2) Floating Rate : 2years lock-in floating package :

Year 3M Compounded SORA Package (% p.a.)
1 3M SORA + 0.60%
2 3M SORA + 0.60%
3 onwards 3M SORA + 1.00%

1.3) Floating Rate : 3years lock-in floating package :

Year 3M Compounded SORA Package (% p.a.)
1 3M SORA + 0.75%
2 3M SORA + 0.75%
3 3M SORA + 0.75%
4 onwards 3M SORA + 1.00%

2) FixedRate Package : 2 year lock-in fixed rate package :

Year Interest (% p.a.)
1 3.75% Fixed
2 3.75% Fixed
3 Onwards 3M SORA + 1.00%
  • 3M- 3 Month Compounded SORA Rate
  • All Floating rates are pegged to Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA) and refreshed accordingly to the frequency compounded. The existing rates are visible at
  • Building under Construction are only eligible for the 3years lock-in floating package.
  • Minimum loan amount of SGD 700,000 is applicable for refinancing under Fixed Rate packages.
  • No processing fee
  • Pre-payment/redemption/cancellation fees as applicable (depending on package)

Documents to be submitted along with the application form (originals to be produced for face to face verification)

  • Singaporeans / Permanent Residents:
    • Photocopy of NRIC, both sides (The NRIC should have latest address of the applicant)
  • Non – Singaporeans
    • Photocopy of Passport and
    • Photocopy of Employment Pass / Work Permit / Dependant Pass and
    • Document proof of address (i.e. utility bill, driving license etc.), if not same as in Employment Pass / Work Permit / Dependant Pass
  • Self-Employed
    • ACRA Search +Business Profile /License of business and
    • Latest two years Notice of Assessment from IRAS
  • Employed
    • Last 3 Months pay slips or Latest letter from the employer certifying the last three months income, designation and commencement of job and
    • Latest Notice of Assessment from IRAS and
    • Past 12 months CPF contribution history
  • Commission earners
    • Latest 12 months commission statement and
    • Latest two years Notice of Assessment from IRAS and
    • Past 12 months CPF contribution history
  • Copy of tenancy agreements (If applicable)
  • Option to purchase (For new purchase)
  • Last 6 months loan statement from existing financier (For Refinance)
  • CPF Withdrawal Statement for Existing Property (If applicable)
  • CPF Statement of Account (If CPF usage is involved)

Approval of this application is at the bank’s discretion.

  • Walk in to any of our branches to talk to our relationship managers, or
  • Email us at