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Merchant Banking

Financial conditions in recent years have provided developing countries with unprecedented opportunities to tap international bond markets, increasing access to commercial debt financing. On that background, developing countries are broadening the range of debt instruments employed in implementing debt management strategies, and this has changed the risk profile of their public debt portfolios.

Singapore offers an excellent ecosystem for companies to raise international capital. Companies such as those in China and India looking to regionalize and globalize, are increasingly turning to international bond markets to raise capital and diversify funding sources.

The Global-Asia Bond Grant Scheme launched by MAS aims to incentivize companies with an Asian nexus seeking to raise capital through Singapore’s bond market.

The Bank’s Merchant Banking Department provides a full suite of financing, arranging and advisory solutions from term-lending to products across the equity and Merchant Banking.

The Bank is a leading advisor to corporate Customers providing financing, arranging and advisory services for mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, capital-raisings, private-placements in unquoted securities, and corporate re-structuring.


The Merchant Banking business can be sub-divided into corporate advisory and debt finance businesses. The corporate advisory elements include:

  • providing corporate finance advice to prospective issuers;
  • arranging meetings on road shows between investors and officials from issuers;
  • acting as broker, agent or counterparty to investors abroad in relation to certain securities; and
  • distributing research reports on Customer companies to investors.


In addition, the Bank may carry out debt finance activities including:

  • underwriting securities issued by issuers abroad, as a member of syndicates;
  • marketing securities issued by issuers to institutional investors;
  • arranging settlement of bonds to investors; and
  • trading foreign convertible and masala bonds with investors.


Merchant Banking Customers are primarily corporate Customers, who range from start-ups to established businesses that are in the process of expansion or are seeking new investors.


For all related queries contact:
Mr. Raghvendra P Pankaj (FRM)
Head Merchant Banking