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Commercial Property Loans

SBI provides financing against commercial properties – be it retail shops, office units or factory warehouses. Contact us today to find out more about our attractive offers in Fixed rates as well as SORA-linked rates.

Commercial Property Loans

Terms and conditions apply.

  • Option of floating rates – linked directly to the Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA); or fixed rates – providing stability against market fluctuations
  • Competitive & Attractive pricing
  • Promotional packages available for new purchases, refinancing and equity loans
  • Additional benefits: Subsidies for legal fees and valuation fees
  • Borrowers must be between the age of 21 – 65yrs
  • Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Foreigners may apply
  • Minimum income: S$50,000 per annum
  • Minimum loan amount is S$250,000
  • Minimum property value of S$500,000 for foreigners

Floating Rate : 2 years lock-in floating package :

Year 3M Compounded SORA Package (% p.a.)
1 3M SORA + 1.75%
2 3M SORA + 1.75%
3 onwards 3M SORA + 3.00%

FixedRate : 2 years lock-in FIXED Rate package with effect from 05-Oct-2022 :

Year Interest (% p.a.)
1 5.00% Fixed
2 5.00% Fixed
3 Onwards 3M Comp SORA + 3.00%
  • 3M- 3 Month Compounded SORA Rate
  • All Floating rates are pegged to Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA) and refreshed accordingly to the frequency compounded. The existing rates are visible at
  • No processing fee
  • Pre-payment/redemption/cancellation fees as applicable (depending on package)
  • Application form (filled & signed by all borrowers)
  • Copy of NRIC
  • Income documents (Income Tax NOA, Payslip, Bank statements, etc.)
  • Option to purchase (for new purchase)
  • Loan statements from existing bank (for refinancing/ equity loans)
  • Tenancy agreement (if applicable & required)
  • Walk in to any of our branches to talk to our relationship managers, or
  • Email us at