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TM Nest Egg GIO Cashback

TM Nest Egg (GIO CashBack)

TM Nest Egg (GIO CashBack) is a limited pay, participating endowment plan which provides you with a stream of guaranteed yearly cash benefits so you can enjoy today’s luxuries, while saving for tomorrow.

TM Nest Egg GIO Cashback Details

  • Guaranteed yearly cash benefit
    You will receive a guaranteed yearly cash benefit from the second policy anniversary, to one year before the policy matures. It is up to you, how you would like to use it. You can either withdraw your yearly cash benefit to spend it as you like, or simply reinvest it with us to earn interest1. These yearly cash benefits are on top of your maturity proceeds. Whichever option you choose, you will be rewarded for your savings!
  • Capital guaranteed2
    Every dollar you contribute as premiums will be returned to you, upon policy maturity. This way, you need not worry about losing your hard-earned savings.
  • Attractive returns of up to 3.8% p.a.
    TM Nest Egg (GIO CashBack) can potentially provide returns of up to 3.8%3, 4p.a. upon maturity. You may use these payouts as a reward to indulge yourself or save up for bigger goals.
  • Guaranteed acceptance
    This is a guaranteed acceptance plan with no medical underwriting5 so you can start accumulating your wealth almost immediately.
  • Flexible premium payment and policy terms available
    You may select an option that best suits your financial goals:
    Available Premium Payment Terms (Years) Available Policy Terms(Years)
    5 10 15 20 -
    10 - 15 20 25
    15 - - 20 25
    20 - - - 25
  • Maturity benefit
    At the end of the policy term, you will receive a lump sum maturity benefit comprising of a guaranteed payout of up to 16 times6 of your yearly cash benefits and any accumulated bonuses4.
  • Be protected as you save towards your goals
    In the event of any unforeseen events, you are also covered by a death benefit7.
  • Enjoy enhanced protection with our optional riders5
    To boost your protection coverage, you can choose to add on any of our riders to waive off your premiums, should the unfortunate happen.


  • The prevailing interest rate is 3.75% p.a. which is non-guaranteed.
  • Applicable to annual premium payment mode only.
  • Based on the profile of a 1 year old female, non-smoker, premium payment term of 5 years and policy term of 20 years, paid-out option and guaranteed yearly cash benefit of S$15,000.
  • The projected maturity benefit includes a guaranteed benefit and non-guaranteed bonuses. Bonuses are based on a projected investment rate of return of 4.65% p.a. (for premium payment term of 5 years with policy term of 10 years) and 4.75% p.a. (for the other premium payment and policy terms) on the Participating Fund. As these bonuses are not guaranteed, the actual amount payable may vary according to the future performance of the Participating Fund.
  • Riders may be subject to full underwriting.
  • Depending on the premium payment term and policy term selected. Refer to Product Summary for details.
  • In the event of death of the life assured, a death benefit comprising the following, less any indebtedness, will be payable in one lump sum - 105% of total annual premiums paid, accumulated reversionary bonuses and any guaranteed yearly cash benefits accumulated with Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd. (TMLS) plus accumulated interest (if paid-out option is not selected).

All ages mentioned in this web page are based on age next birthday.

This plan is underwritten by Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd and all proposals are subject to financial underwriting and acceptance. All benefits and features mentioned herein are subject to terms and conditions of the policy. You must refer to the policy contract for the precise terms and conditions of this insurance plan. The information shown is for reference only and is accurate as at 28 February 2014.


Buying a life insurance policy can be a long-term commitment. An early termination of the policy usually involves high costs, and the surrender value payable may be less than the total premiums paid. You may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase the product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a financial adviser, you should consider whether the product in question is suitable for you.>

This document is published for information and general circulation only and does not have regard to your specific investment objectives, financial situation and your particular needs.>

No representation or warranty whatsoever (including without limitation any representation or warranty as to accuracy, usefulness, adequacy, timeliness or completeness) in respect of any information (including without limitation any statement, figures, opinion, view or estimate) provided herein is given by SBI and it should not be relied upon as such.

at entry (minimum) Age 1
Age at entry (maximum)
Premium Payment Term (Years) Policy Term
Max Entry Age
5 10 65
15 60
20 55
10 15 60
20 55
25 50
15 20 40
25 35
20 25 35
5 and 10 pay: 75 less policy term
15 and 20 pay: 60 less policy term

Premiums charged as per the premiums tables shared by Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd.

  • Application form
  • Benefit Illustration
  • Copy of customer’s IC
  • Declaration form
  • Personal Financial Review
  • Product Summary

Additional documents may be required at the point of application.

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